Lose yourself
in sound


Airsound Technologies Ltd came to us with a new product in development – a portable Bluetooth speaker powered by airSOUND™, a unique technology that creates a 360° sound-space. Unlike stereo, where you have to position yourself in a specific spot to get the best audio experience, with airSOUND™ everyone in the room enjoys the same high quality of sound.

Calling was asked to develop a complete brand package including brand strategy, naming, identity, website and packaging. By getting us on board early, there was a great opportunity to develop the product and brand in tandem.


As the product developed, we began to experiment with different types of music to discover what worked best with the technology. We discovered the wide frequency range of Electronic Dance Music was perfect to demonstrate the power and depth of the speaker. We also realised that the experience of listening to music through the speaker was a similar experience to being in a club, where you are surrounded by sound, making it the perfect ‘back to mine’ speaker.

The brand purpose: ‘Democratising High Quality Sound’ is a reaction to the poor quality sound experience that people have become used to and are unaware of. The speaker opens up high quality sound for everyone to share their music and enjoy it equally.


The name Spaced360, encapsulates the 360° special quality that you experience with the product, and is supported by the brand promise: ‘Lose Yourself in Sound’.

The brand identity is based on bold triangles and dynamic graphic patterns. The triangle is a symbolic representation of the product, the patterns symbolise the powerful sound-space it delivers and the people around it. The identity evolves with the content, changing to reflect the sound.

“I’ve been blown away by the attitude and creativity of the work that Calling has created for Spaced360. It’s a true partnership, with brand and product developing in harmony.”