Smarter investments
Made simple

The future of investment

Businesses and consumers have suffered a double whammy of poor bank lending and low interest rates on savings. But what if there was a place people could invest safely and more effectively, in a way that would benefit both lenders and borrowers? Renowned investment fund manager Nicola Horlick saw how crowdlending could be brought to a broader market, cutting out big financial institutions and harnessing the power of the internet to help businesses and individuals work together to their advantage.

Inclusive and open

Calling quickly understood that most crowdfunding offers are aimed at sophisticated and experienced investors. Most inexperienced investors wouldn’t make it past the landing page, thanks to the ‘insider’ feel of these sites.
So we set out to build a lighthouse brand, one that was an open invitation to investors of all types, designed to create confidence and help businesses find the funds they need to grow.

For the first time, small investors can choose to put their savings into companies that contribute directly to the economy. As a result, saving becomes more than numbers on a page. Investors can choose businesses that mean something to them, see their progress and get a fair return on their money.

We looked for a name that would represent this democratic approach: Money&Co. captures the spirit of collaboration and co-operation the site offers, connecting businesses and people. The brand promise ‘Smarter Investments, Made Simple’ was reflected in the friendly visual identity, with its clear, informative icons and fresh contemporary colours. The verbal identity reflects this approach with clear, welcoming and non-patronising language.

“Calling developed a clear, distinctive and compelling brand for Money&Co: one that resonates with our target market and delivers on my ambition to democratise the investor experience.”