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Reconnecting Cable & Wireless in the Caribbean

A double whammy of years of under-investment and the arrival of energetic new competition had Cable & Wireless’ Caribbean business on the ropes. The new CEO asked us to help take the company through a complete transformation and to create a vibrant new brand from the inside out.

A brand with deep roots in the community

Cable & Wireless had always managed to walk the fine line between being local in the countries it operated in, while also being a global brand.

With aggressive new challenger brands turning the market on its head, we were called in to help Cable & Wireless refocus on why it was there in the first place.

Rather than try to challenge the challengers at their own game, we focused on the DNA of the business at heart: a Caribbean brand that’s rooted in the community. The company’s long history of investment in infrastructure and the community makes it part of the very fabric of the places it operates.

The name change from Cable & Wireless to LIME reflected this. LIME, stands for Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment but it’s also the local term for chilling out.

We worked closely with the marketing teams in all 14 countries LIME operates in to identify what really mattered to people – which led to the new purpose: ‘To Deliver World Class Communication, Technology and Services to Families, Businesses and Governments’.

The key was to reconnect with the people who worked at LIME – they belong to the communities and we had to reignite a sense of pride in them to help them engage with customers in the market.

Taking the purpose as our starting point, we created a fresh new visual identity and brand guidelines to support this new positioning. At the heart of this was the insight that society in the Caribbean is deeply matriarchal and family, church and community are of paramount importance.

To root the brand in the community, rather than use models, we photographed employees, friends and family in each country to represent it. By working from the inside out, it was easier to reconnect with our audience because of the three degrees of separation the community allows.

Employee engagement up from 62% to 85%

The business is fully engaged, with a clear vision about what it needs to be and do to succeed against tough competition.

85% is the Holy Grail in Employee Engagement – greater than 85% delivers higher productivity and discretionary effort by staff.

“LIME was a broken business that had lost its connection with the communities it served – its people, its customers, its partners in business and government. Calling Brands were invaluable in helping define and articulate a brand and promise that gave back the business its sense of self and purpose in the Caribbean region.

The journey to build the brand from the bottom up and inside out helped us to build pride back into the business and gave our people the confidence to face the challenges we face, economically and competitively, together. LIME is a real community-based brand by the people for the people – that’s what we are there for and Calling Brands helped us to recapture that ambition perfectly.”