Right content,
right now


ITN has a formidable reputation for TV news built on decades of experience. But this heritage was hampering the efforts of newer business units that were involved in everything from content licencing to current affairs. The issue was threatening to split the ITN brand into ‘news' and ‘new'. Was it possible to pull together all the strands of the business under one brand? And could we redefine the purpose of the business without losing what it already had?


We worked with the leadership team to help them understand that their businesses had more in common with each other than differences. It was clear that all of the ITN divisions were skilled in delivering content, live and in the right format, providing their viewers or customers with the right content, at the right time.

We showed the how the world-class content each division produces created a virtuous circle of successful sales, customer engagement and reinvestment in the business. It was clear how the company could work effectively as one entity.

‘Right Content, Right Now’ became the brand’s new purpose. We ran an international employee engagement programme that used microsites, games and workshops to bring the brand to life. We briefed over 800 staff to help them understand their part in the big picture and how they could work more effectively with other divisions. We organised a live event for all employees, where they saw the senior management team being given a thorough grilling about their plans by Channel 4 News’s Jon Snow.


The new identity and architecture helped signal the changes across ITN. We retained the iconic ITN logo but updated it to work across the entire business, so each division is clearly part of the ITN family. To create a sense of pride, we made sure the content that they created was visible. Selections of work from each division were featured throughout the identity, from business cards to vans, demonstrating the breadth of ITN’s capabilities and to motivate staff to feel part of the whole.


Our work made it possible for to ITN to build new commercial relationships across a huge range of content and platforms. Soon after we completed the project, ITN signed a deal to produce all the video content for The Telegraph, as well as deals with Setanta, Al Jazeera and Google. The news organisation has strengthened its reputation with its award winning Channel 4 and ITV programming.

“We brought Calling Brands on board to help us position ourselves in these new markets and reinforce our already strong brand in news. The work they’ve done is instrumental in taking ITN to the next stage of its growth. We are delighted with the outcome.”