HR Owen is a luxury car dealer that specialises in selling and servicing the world’s most prestigious marques, such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari and Rolls Royce.

The problem facing the brand was that it was all but invisible to the customer, with the car marques owning the relationship. The challenge was to reposition HR Owen to create more visibility and value in the eyes of the customer. We spotted the opportunity to build stronger personal relationships that would add value for the marques and enhanced the owners’ experience.


For many people owning a luxury car is a dream that can sour. They love the idea of it but often fail to get the most out of their investment, either by not driving it enough or because the car is not properly maintained.

Service has always been at the heart of the HR Owen brand since it was founded in the 1920s. We identified that the more customers are on the road driving their cars, the more satisfied they are and the more likely they are to come back and buy another car.

The brand promise: A peerless experience for the discerning car owner – is a celebration of HR Owen’s heritage, built on the expertise of its staff. It also captures the joy that customers experience in driving their cars.

We designed the brand to feel like a club of like-minded enthusiasts – people in the know who are both inspired and supported in their passion for cars. Member areas inside showrooms, a driver-centric magazine, customer driving days and VIP invites to events all reinforce the idea of experiencing their car to the full.

The new identity celebrates the brand’s long motoring heritage and racing roots. With classic modernist typography and a unique checkerboard motif inspired by the race winner’s flag, it works in harmony with each of the car marques.

A winning formula

91% increase in used car sales
2011 to end of year 2013

29% increase in overall car sales revenue
2011 to end of year 2012

63% rise in operating profit
2011 to end of year 2013

+71 average customer Net Promoter Score

“Calling Brands did a great job of identifying the mutual passion for cars at the centre of our customer relationships, and gave us a flexible and powerful brand identity to help bring this to life”