A true VWitch hunt has been unleashed. Maybe for the right reasons. But who’s the witch? We’ve already seen the Volkswagen CEO roll over after a reported 11 million cars are affected, fingers pointed at their other brands Porsche and Audi, and now reports that automakers besides VW are also cheating emissions. Did Angela Merkel’s ministers ignore warnings over emissions rigging? All will be revealed.

What is definite is that the ‘Made in Germany’ brand has truly taken a bump. Globally. When brands behave badly they deserve to be eliminated - and today more than any other time the biggest brands can crash and be crushed due to the power of social media. The balance of power has changed in that respect. Power to the people. Now truths (and lies) are in our faces in milliseconds and it scares the shit out of business leaders, no matter who they are. Going back to 1934, wasn’t the Volkswagen concept ‘the people’s car’? Do we really want to put the VW brand into scrappers forever? Can we love the VW love bug again?

I’ll be out in my VW Golf 2.8litre 4motion this weekend flashing my lights to other VW drivers just for the hoot. Thankfully it’s not a dirty diesel.

Robbie Laughton, Cycling Creative