Why most brands fail the blindfold test

Strip away the logos, colour palettes, fonts and graphic design fripperies from any brand and what are you left with?

Our Verbal ID test saw an average score of 52%

Words, words, words
Yet most people can’t spot individual brands in the same sector from words alone. Even some of the best-loved brands in the world failed to muster a flicker of recognition.

A soaring success
Our Verbal ID test saw an average score of 52%. Virgin Atlantic pipped Coca Cola at the post with 68% recognition, while Bentley and KPMG were amongst the best-known but least recognised at the bottom of the table.

Just do it didn’t
Even the ubiquitous, world-beating might of Nike caused confusion and consternation, with fewer than half of respondents spotting the brand amongst its competitors.

Start a meaningful conversation
That’s why we believe a powerful verbal identity is so important, especially in a world where brands find themselves relying solely on words more and more online and in social media. The stories your brand tells and the way it tells them can mean the difference between starting a meaningful conversation with your audience or a tumbleweed moment.